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Rosen Consulting Group

Rosen Consulting Group
Rosen Consulting Group

Rosen Consulting Group is a real estate and economic consulting firm that is dedictaed to illuminating the real estate landscape so that the client can make better decisions. Our client base includes major real estate investment companies, commercial and investment banks, insurance companies, developers, real estate companies and other financial institutions. We exist to add value to their decisions. Our clients rely on our strategic input as an integral part of their decision processes. In our client relationships we focus on being responsive, and providing high quality viewpoints and forecasts. Integrity is an important value to us. Each person at RCG is involved in serving our clients. At Rosen Consulting Group, you will find a diverse range of people: academics and practitioners, graduates and seasoned executives with multiple degrees and long term industry involvement. Our company goal is to provide superior ecomomic and real estate research, forecasts and implications analysis. We believe that a sophisticated understanding of regional economics is the foundation of real estate market research. Two locations: Berkeley, CA and New York, NY

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