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A Better City

A Better City
Born out of the need to engage the business community during construction of Boston’s “Big Dig” in the late 1980s, A Better City (ABC) has emerged as a diverse group of business leaders united around a common goal—to enhance Boston and the region’s economic health, competitiveness, vibrancy, sustainability and quality of life. With 130 members from businesses and major institutions across multiple sectors, A Better City operates between the private and public sectors leveraging technical expertise and research capabilities to shape key policies, projects and initiatives. By amplifying the voice of the business community through collaboration and consensus across a broad range of stakeholders, ABC develops solutions and influences policy in three critical areas central to the Boston region’s economic competitiveness and growth—transportation and related infrastructure, land use and development, and environment and energy. A Better City continues to play an active research and advisory role, having prepared highly regarded reports on energy storage opportunities for commercial buildings; the economic benefits of transit investment; the commercial net zero energy building market; and voluntary resilience standards for commercial facilities to name a few. Additionally, A Better City operates multiple Transportation Management Associations in the Boston area to help reduce the number of drive-alone commuters, minimize vehicle emissions, and improve access to transportation options. Key programs include guaranteed ride home and commuter subsidy and reward programs. We also assist our members in meeting the requirements of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Rideshare Regulation, as well as the City of Boston's Transportation Access Plan Agreements (TAPA). Located in Boston’s Financial District, A Better City has been led by President and CEO Richard Dimino since 1995. He currently oversees a staff of 14 and a budget of over $2 million. Additional information about ABC is available at

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