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Cityvest Capital

Cityvest Capital
Cityvest Capital

CityVest is an on-line marketplace providing individual accredited investors with access to institutional quality real estate investments. The goal is to provide the simplest and best real estate investment process for individual investors, as well as providing efficient access to capital for sponsors. The website provides individual investors with the opportunity to browse real estate investments, conduct due diligence on the properties, and review investment documentation.  The on-line closing process is simple and safe. By pooling investments of as little as $10,000 with other investors, individuals can now gain access to high return institutional quality deals.  CityVest targets providing investors with relatively safe real estate investments with a 8% to 12%  preferred return and a 12% to 20% IRR.  Sponsors who are seeking capital for their deals also benefit as they can raise capital for their transactions in less time and without several layers of fees.

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